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Infiniband QDR passive cables offer scalable performance up to 40-Gigabits per second via four 10G channels in an affordable high-density package. The Infiniband QDR passive cables utilize an InfiniBand-optimized 38-position “board-as-connector” design with zinc die-cast back shells. This material delivers superior EMI performance and minimal insertion loss. At Cozlink, Infiniband QDR passive cables are made to go through a rigorous assembly and test process that ultimately removes unnecessary attenuation caused by signal reflection, skew, and harmonic distortion. Infiniband QDR passive cables are fully compliant to the QSFP MSA (SFF-8436) for guaranteed compatibility with any brand 4X QDR IB host-bus adapter or switch with QSFP ports. Cozlink Infiniband QDR passive cables help enjoy a reduced power budget and lower port cost compared to optical fibers. These cables are fully RoHS compliant for environmental protection.

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