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Intel PCI Express 3.0 network card can surpass I/O performance boundaries with PCI Express* 3.0. PCIe* 3.0 doubles the maximum data rate over its predecessor PCIe* 2.0, with transfer rates up to 8 GT/s. Still, it is compatible with the backward series and is usable across wide range of networking hardware and equipment. The Intel PCI Express 3.0 network card enables the greater performances of developers of chip-level communication, graphic adapters, and other PC interconnects used in various modern day networking architecture. Cozlink Intel PCI Express 3.0 is capable of scalable, simultaneous, bi-directional transfers using one to 32 lanes of differential-pair interconnects, grouping lanes to achieve high transfer rates, such as with graphics adapters, delivers data speed up to 32 GB/s of bi-directional bandwidth on a x16 connector with Intel PCI Express 3.0, low-overhead, low-latency data transfers and emulation of network environments by end-to-end data connection without host-chip routing.

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