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SFP28 Transceivers from Cozlink are compatible with Juniper 100G Transceivers that are made to deliver 100G speeds over a 4x25 wiring make-up. The Juniper 100G Transceivers from Cozlink provide feasible and cost-effective way of upgrading the 10G networks to 100G and are considered complete fiber optic solutions for data communications network upgradations. Juniper 100G Transceivers of QSFP type are compact form factors that promote port density. These low power, high performance network upgradation solutions consume power as low as 4.0W. All Cozlink Juniper 100G Transceivers are MSA compliant, RoHS approved and can be used interchangeably with other QSFP transceiver producing brands such as Brocade, Prolabs, Finisar, HP, Cisco, Huawei, Dell and many others.

Juniper 100G Transceivers ( 2 results )

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Compatible Brand: Juniper
Package: QSFP CFP2
Data Rate/Application: 100G Ethernet
Wavelength: 850nm 1270nm~1330nm
Distance: 100m 10km
Interface: LC MPO
Fiber Mode: Single-Mode Multi-Mode
Fiber Count: Dual Fiber

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