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LACXGSR Linksys SFP+ Transceivers supporting 1000BASE-SR Ethernet standards  come with PIN-TIA Receiver and have sensitivity of < -11.2 in dBm. These SFP+ transceivers deliver data connectivity up to a distance of 300 m and are functional at operating temperature range of 0°C ~ +70°. Linksys SFP+ Transceivers function at 3.3V and deliver 10Gbps of data transfer rate. The Linksys SFP+ Transceivers are suitable for multi-mode optical fibre and come with VCSEL transmitter. Cozlink SFP+ Transceivers compatible with MSA approved and RoHS compliant and thus, can be used interchangeably with all SFP+ Transceivers compatible brands such as Juniper, Finisar, Dell, HP, Cisco, Huawei and many others. Cozlink Linksys SFP+ Transceivers are wired connectivity solutions offering cost-effective way of network upgradation.

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