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Long Wave SFP Transceivers are high speed bi-directional Optical Transceivers integrated with WDM optical sub assembly. The Long Wave SFP Transceivers are operational at 1300/1500 nm and are inserted in a TO-CAN package. Cozlink Long Wave SFP Transceivers when coupled with single-mode fiber are operated at a 622-Mb/s data rate. The transmitted optical output power is -2.8 dBm and the measured value of sensitivity is -32 dBm at 10-10 bit-error. . Cozlink Long Wave SFP Transceivers can be used interchangeably with all major brands such as Finisar, HP, Brocade and many others that support data transmission over 30 km of optical fiber. These are provide with DDM systems and are best applicable for developing an optical fiber network that operates with nil power loss. 

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