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LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the project name of a new high performance air interface for cellular mobile communication systems. It is the last step toward the 4th generation (4G) of radio technologies designed to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks. Where the current generation of mobile telecommunication networks are collectively known as 3G (for "third generation"), LTE is marketed as 4G.

LTE / CPRI / OBSAI SFP optical module is widely applied to the wireless base station backhaul system.For the OBSAI application, the rates are 6.144Gb/s, 3.072 Gb/s, 1.536 Gb/s and 0.768 Gb/s.For the CPRI application, the rates are 6.144Gb/s, 3.072 Gb/s, 2.4576 Gb/s, 1.2288 Gb/s, 0.6144 Gb/s.

Huawei base stations using JDSU CPRI SFP Transceivers for CPRI connections between RRU and BBU. JDSU PLRXPL-VE-SG4-62-N is using multi-mode double fiber cable and 850nm optical wavelength. It is supporting applications up to 4.25 Gbps.

Smart SFP™ is a family of transceivers with integrated system functions, jointly developed by OE Solutions and AimValley. The product family currently consists of the Smart SFP OAM, the world’s first and smallest OAM capable NID in an MSA compliant SFP form factor, supporting Link OAM IEEE 802.3ah or Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) for end-to-end Service OAM IEEE 802.1ag and Y.1731 Performance Measurement. The TSoP Smart SFP for OC-3/STM-1 or OC-12/STM-4 enables a smooth migration from TDM to Packet networks. The TSoP protocol transports SONET/SDH traffic across packet networks by simply adding a TSoP Smart SFP to any router or packet switch.

Cozlink is a manufacturer and supplier who offer the LTE/CPRI/OBSAI SFP with low price.We can provide LTE / CPRI / OBSAI SFP module supporting dual data rates up to 3.072Gbps and 20km,2km,500m of transmission distance.The 3G LTE / CPRI / OBSAI SFPs are on sale.

We can offer the LTE/CPRI/OBSAI sfp which can be compatible with finisar cpri sfp,avago cpri sfp and other brands transceivers.,including cwdm cpri sfp,cpri wdm sfp,6g cpri sfp and cpri optical sfp.We can also provide customized services of LTE/CPRI/OBSAI sfp modules and customers can customize LOGO.

Besides,we can supply video modules,meida converters,cables.Welcome to contact us.

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