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Molex SFP Transceivers by Cozlink are designed to support for 1.125 Gbps Fibre Channel and 2.5 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet applications. These Molex SFP Transceivers provide better connectivity solutions and are useful in networking, telecommunications and data communications. These Transmit/Receive devices are compatible industry-wide and can be used to connect IEEE approved ports with optical fiber and copper networks.  Cozlink is a trusted name amongst Molex SFP Transceivers and produces interchangeable I/O devices that can be used as quality replacement for all ruling brands. The company also deals in SFP Transceivers compatible products such as routers, pigtails, patch cords and cables etc. Molex SFP Transceivers are operational at industry temperatures and can deliver reliable networking solutions comprising of fiber optic components.

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