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MTP Harness Cables are designed for high-density fiber networks. These cables support Ethernet, fiber channel, data center and gigabit Ethernet applications. The 8 Fiber MTP Harness Cable can be used directly between QSFP+ to (4) SFP+ ports with no patch panels or intermediate trunks in between. Cozlink manufactures MTP Harness Cables after testing it for attenuation in accordance with EIA/TIA-455-171A.


MTP Harness Cables find their best applications in installation in horizontal patch extension from consolidation point to the workstation outlets, high-density Fiber Management, DACS, LAN/WAN Premises, etc. Cozlink MTP Harness Cables are available in SM (9/125), MM (50 or 62.5/125), 10Gig fiber types. Fiber count can be picked from 8/12/24 –fiber.

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