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Cozlink 1000Base-SX transceivers are classic examples of SFP Multi-mode GBIC Transceivers delivering 1000 Mbps Ethernet speed across 220 m to 550 m long multi-mode optical fibers. These transceivers support full duplex Gigabit speeds on 62.5µm/50µm fiber corresponding to 220m/550m fibers respectively. Multi-mode GBIC Transceivers from Cozlink come with 2-year product warranty and features EMI safe metallic casing for increased durability.Multi-mode GBIC Transceivers from Cozlink are applicable across IEEE approved Fast Ethernet ports and come with LC connector operational on support voltage of 3.1-3.5V power supply.Cozlink is trusted dealer of Multi-Mode GBIC Transceivers interchangeable with all brands of these high speed transceivers, such as Finisar, D-link, CISCO etc. and also manufactures support products such as patch cords and cables, ports, switches, splitters and routers etc.

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