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Netgear X2 Transceivers are the 10G fiber optic transceivers, and are designed on the inspiration models conforming to former Xenpak standards.  X2 10 GB transceivers’ inner function resembles that of Xenpak, but it is about half the size of XENPAK. Thus, Netgear X2 Transceivers fulfil the 10G Ethernet Optical port connectivity in a space-efficient manner and enable high port density. Cozlink X2-10Gb-SR transceivers are designed for 300m Transmission with a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL). Digital diagnostics functions of this Netgear compatible Cozlink X 2 10 GB transceiver are available via a 2-wire serial interface. Cozlink also produces X2-10GB-LR transceivers meant for 10 km transmission and have all the features as that available in SR model. Netgear X2 Transceivers conform to 10Gbps Ethernet standards IEEE that means, these transceivers support high speed data transmission rate and also provide extendable data reach. The working distance of these IEEE 802.3ae 10G Ethernet standard ranges from 300 m to 40 km. Cozlink X2 Transceivers are X2 MSA approved and are fully compatible with other X2 Transceiver producing manufacturing brands such as Juniper, Prolabs, HP, Dell and many others.

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