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Network GBIC Transceivers are input/output interconnects that convert electric currents (digital highs and lows) to optical signals, and optical signals to digital electric currents. The Network GBIC Transceivers are typically employed in fiber optic and Ethernet networks as an interface for high-speed connectivity. These transceivers deliver data transfer rate of one gigabit per second (1 Gbps) or more. Network GBIC Transceivers allow technicians to easily configure and upgrade electro-optical communications networks. Cozlink manufactures Network GBIC Transceivers of plug-in module type that are hot-swappable economical solutions for network upgradations. These transceivers eliminate the necessity for replacing entire boards at the system level. Cozlink Network GBIC Transceivers are compatible with brands such as Dell, Huawei, Brocade and others.

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