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Warmly welcome custumer to visit

After a long period of mail communication, customer in Australia came to our company to visit and cooperation negotiations on November 7, 2016.

Accompanied by our sales manager, customer set out from hotel to our company in the morning and visited our company's product showroom. Our engineers introduced the communication products and equipment in detail to the customer, then conducted a further technical communication with customer, and customer very pleased with our communication technology and product quality.

Customer also visited our factory with our sales manager and stuff in the afternoon, gave a high appraisal of our machines and the process of testing during the period of visiting. After visiting the factory, we had dinner with clients in a western restaurant. During the meal, the customer taught us that how to say "Cheers" in different languages. The atmosphere was very warm and harmonious. 

Through the visit, our friend gave a great affirmation for our technology and products and that is willing to establish long-term cooperation with us.




Have dinner with customer

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