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Opnext SFP Transceivers are fiber optic modules, operational at 1310 nm frequency and can transmit data over range of 80 km. These are DWDM equipped transceivers certified as per CE, ISO, RoHS, FCC and support Ethernet ports. Opnext SFP Transceivers by Cozlink are compatible with all Opnext optical fiber networking solutions and find appreciable use in Telephone, Computer, Workstation, Server, Telecome, Fiber Networking kind of platforms where uninterrupted connectivity is sought after. Cozlink is an industry approved third party vendor of Opnext SFP Transceivers and produces a large number of related products along with I/O connecting devices. The Opnext SFP Transceivers are hot-swappable and can be used to replace any of the counter product developed by other brands. We are experts in patch cables and cords, routers and pigtails too.

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