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Do You Really know About Fiber Optic Cable?

What is fiber optic cable?

Briefly, fiber optical cable is explained as a cable that contains single or multiple optic fibers in a protective and insulated jacket. It carries light to transmit the digital data through the optic fibers which are individually coated with plastic layer and contained in a glass tube. Namely, fiber optical cable is a data transmission medium. 

But to know well about fiber optic cable, it’s necessary to know far more than the definition of fiber optic cable. In practical application, fiber optic cable is commonly used for long distance telecommunication, it brings people and enterprises great convenience and improvement in communication, which plays an increasingly important role in our daily life, so learning more about fiber optic cable is helpful for every single one when we enjoy the benefits it brings. 

Fiber Optic Cable

What is fiber optic cable made of?

The structure of fiber optic cable includes three main parts: cable cores, strengthening components and protective covers and layers. 

Cable core is made of single or multiple optic fibers, with two kinds of structure :loose cover and tight cover.

Strengthening components are generally made by metal wires or non-metal fibers,  are used to strength the supportable load when cable laying.

Protective covers are made of LAP, steel (or wire) armor and polyethylene sheath and other components. They are used to protect the cable core with the functions of  flame retardant, moisture, pressure, corrosion resistance. 

Structure of Fiber Optic Cable

How does fiber optic cable work?

In fiber optic cable, data transmission counts on light transmission. Light travels down a fiber optic cable by bouncing repeatedly off the glass tube due to internal reflection. Each tiny photon bounces down the tube like a bobsleigh going down an ice run, which forms a beam of light traveling in a clear glass tube, this is the light transmission.

To better understand how fiber optic cable works, it is advised to imagine a long soft plastic pipe whose internal surface is coated with glass or mirror, and you are walking in the pipe and looking for the end of pipe where your friend is, and your friend turns on the a flashlight and shines the light into the pipe. At the time the light will constantly bounces from the inside of the glass surface even though the pipe may be bent until it reaches to the destination, then you will see the light at the other end. And if your friend turns the flashlight on and off in a rule that stands for words which both of you know, you could communicate through the light. This is the essence of fiber optic cable working.

Light reflection inside fiber


This article is to make it easy to understand better the fiber optic cable with accessible words and pictures instead of some technical terms. Knowing well fiber optic cable is helpful when we do business with our customers so as to provide satisfied services.

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