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Guide to Select Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

In the time of big data, many Internet enterprises and service providers have been already started to deploy fiber optic cables to improve the transmission rate for the higher bandwidth. However, people have higher demands for network cabling, they not only require superior performance and quality for network system, but also convenient and elegant deployment environment. In this condition, optical distribution frame is developed to solve this difficulty.

Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

Concept of optical distribution frame

Optical Distribution Frame(ODF) is mainly used for terminating and distributing the trunk optical cables in fiber optic communication. ODF is able to efficiently connect, distribute and adjust the optical fiber lines. Specifically, it is a component used to contain fibers and transfer fiber activities, it also can sort fibers and install fiber splitter, fiber coupler and Optical Transceiver, simultaneously, it can protect fibers from damages outside.

Selection of optical distribution frame

There are several aspects need our consideration when select a proper optical distribution frame as below mentioned:

1. Remaining amount of cable

Remaining amount of cable has to be considered because we can guarantee the fiber strength film on the chassis of ODF. In the condition of which, optical distribution frame could be well protected from pulling out when there is an external force acted on the fiber, in addition, cable would be free of excessively high pressures.  

2. Protectiveness of optical distribution frame

A good optical distribution frame must have a very reliable protection to fibers, so a protective device is equipped inside to prevent any contact outside.

3. Adaptiveness of optical distribution frame

An ODF has to be able to identify the fiber from trunk cables, for example, LC optical distribution frame is available for duplex LC or simplex SC fiber optic patch cord. This is important.

4. Structure of optical distribution frame

Optical distribution frame are normally categorized into wall-mounted, cabinet and rack 3 types. Wall-mounted type is like a box structure, which is suitable for the demand of fewer amount of fibers. Cabinet is enclosed structure, which is capable of containing a certain amount of fibers, this structure has a beautiful appearance. Rack type adopted the design of module, user can select different modules according to their own actual situation, this type is most recommended.

5. Materials of optical distribution frame

Optical distribution frame made of aluminum is firm and looks nice. 


Optical distribution frame plays an important role in optical network deployment, especially in data center. This article can let you have a good knowledge of how optical distribution frame works and how to select a good optical distribution frame,  which can bring great benefits and convenience for you.

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