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Select the right and good pre-terminated trunk cable, so easy!

Pre-terminated trunk cables are typically used in the connection of trunk and crossover cabling in the data center. This pre-terminated cable simplifies the installation process, saves time and labor costs compared to field termination. Now there are variety of pre-terminated trunk cables in the market, how to choose the appropriate pre-connected trunk cable products? Here, we will detail the pre-terminated trunk cable flame retardant grade, connector type and application examples in three areas, hoping to provide some help in the purchase of pre-terminated trunk cable for you.

1, the cable material

In the purchase of pre-terminated trunk cable, we must first consider the cable laying environment, which involves what kind of flame retardant cable we should buy. Pre-terminated main cable common flame retardant grades are Riser (trunk level), Plenum (booster level) and LSZH (low smoke halogen-free grade). Although the three are not significantly different from the appearance, but the Riser pre-terminated trunk cable is generally used for vertical and horizontal wiring use; Plenum pre-terminated trunk cable is usually installed in the ventilation pipe or air treatment equipment used in the air Reflow pressurization system; LSZH pre-terminated trunk cable is generally used in personal safety and important equipment vulnerable to fire threat areas.

2, the type of connector

There are three types of connectors that are pre-terminated at both ends of the trunk cable: jack to the socket, plug to the jack, and plug to the plug. Depending on the deployment of the cabling system in the data center or in the telecommunications room, we should select the pre-terminated trunk cable of the different connector type. 

Jack to the socket - This pre-terminated trunk cable requires connection between active devices (such as servers and switches) with network jumper and socket panels. Because active equipment is expensive, people usually connect the active equipment by cross-interconnecting the pre-terminated trunk cable.

Plug to the jack - One end of this plug-in trunk cable can be used directly on the active device and the other end through the network jumper and socket panel to another active device.

Plug to the plugs - This pre-terminated trunk cable can be connected directly to two active devices (such as servers and switches), or in open work areas as network jumpers.

3. Applications

1.Direct cabling solution


2.Cross cabling solution


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