Strategy of replacing the electrode of fiber fusion splicer

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The electrode is an essential consumable on fiber fusion splicer and needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the electro..

Basic knowledge of Ethernet systems

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Ethernet is currently the most widely used LAN technology, it has covered all aspects of the network, from the backbone network to the access network,..

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Guide for labeling the cables

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To label the cable is the necessary work to install the cabling system, we should be labeled for each cable so that troubleshooting and cabling system..

Network Splitter (TAP) - a real helper for real-time monitoring of the network

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In the increasingly developed network today, the network data monitoring has become an important means for enterprise users to solve network problems,..

Guide for copper cabling

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Copper cabling is the basis for DC power and data transmission in traditional network systems. Until now, copper cabling has been favored by network a..

Identification of Fiber Optical Cable

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We all know that fiber jumpers at both ends of the cable are fitted with connector plugs. When selecting the fiber jumper, in addition to considering ..

The primary and secondary optic splitting in the FTTH networks

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Fiber to the home (FTTH) to the home access network based on passive optical network technology (PON, passive optical network) is a point to multipoin..

Tutorial of the optical attenuator

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Optical attenuator is a passive optical device, mainly used to reduce the optical power of the optical signal to prevent the optical receiver from rea..

Guide to install the overhead fiber optic cable

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The overhead cable is a cable used to hang on the poles and is usually used in conjunction with hanging wires. We know that the transmission performan..

11 important things you must notice after FTTH

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1. Optical modem must be placed firmly, pay attention to ventilation, moisture, do not fall.2. In order to ensure the normal use, do not close the Opt..

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Optical Fiber Cabling Tips and Precautions

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We all know that the fiber has advantages of transmission bandwidth, communication capacity, low loss, free from electromagnetic interference, fine li..

Detailed operating methods and procedures about fiber optic welding splicing

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Being proficient in using the fiber splicer is very important for fiber splicing. This article will share the welding operation methods between the op..

Features of Fiber Optic Cable for External Environment

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IntroductionFiber Optic Cable for External Environment is the fiber optic cables which are installed in the field. In other words, they are referred a..

Features of Fiber Optic Cable Used in Tunnel

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Introduction Fiber Optic Cables used in Tunnel have some unique characteristics that enable it to effectively perform its role.  In most cas..

FTTH Fiber Cable Network Replaced The Standard Copper Wire

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Introduction FTTH is referred as the technology of transmitting data in form of pulse of light along the fiber optic cable. Currently, the FTTH a..

Basic Components of Optic Fiber Cable

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IntroductionGenerally, the Fiber Optic Cable is made of various components that are critical in defining its structure. However, there are basic compo..

Two Basic Types Of Fiber Optic Cable Construction

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IntroductionIn reality, not every Fiber Optic Cable is used for construction purpose. Therefore, different Fiber Optic Cable possesses unique characte..

Introduction about Fiber Optic Cable Materials

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Definition of Fiber Optic CableFiber Optic Cable is a medium used to transmit data faster over a long distance. The fiber optic technology is widely u..

Technical Specification for Optic Fiber Cable

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IntroductionFiber Optic Cable is associated with numerous technical specification or characteristics. In fact, many users are attracted to purchase a ..

Typical Design for Fiber Optic Cables

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Introduction Today, fibers are installed almost in every home. That is a clear indication that the fiber technology has been adopted by every per..