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Strategy of replacing the electrode of fiber fusion splicer

The electrode is an essential consumable on fiber fusion splicer and needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the electrode when replacing the electrode. It is one of the essential skills of the fiber splicer.

When need to replace the electrode

1. The use of optical fiber welding machine to calculate the number of arc discharge function, that is, when the number of arc welding machine arc discharge reached the manufacturer marked the number of discharge; you need to replace the new electrode. Usually, when the number of arc discharge reaches the specified value, the fiber splicer will have a corresponding prompt, the user should see the prompt after the replacement of the new electrode, otherwise, and the effect of fiber splicing may be greatly reduced.

2. Through the optical fiber welding machine in the course of the use of abnormal circumstances to determine whether the need to replace the electrode. These abnormalities include optical fiber splicers in the welding fiber often prompts the arc discharge instability, fiber splicing machine cannot be normal discharge correction, the electrode tip oxidation serious, then, you need to replace the fiber splicer on the electrode.

How to replace the electrode?

The following figure is Japan Fujimura welding machine FSM-80S electrode replacement steps:


Precautions of the replacement of electrode

1, make sure to remove the screws with the fixed electrode with a suitable size screwdriver because the long-term use of an inappropriate screwdriver to remove the screw may cause the screw head chute to affect the next release of the screw;

2, tighten the screws to avoid excessive force because excessive force will lead to screw head chute, affecting the next release of the screw;

3, The screw cannot be tightened to the finger cannot screw the extent of the screw after replacing the new electrode, because the screw too tight may cause greater loss of fiber splicing, or even damage the circuit;

4, be careful not to damage the electrode shaft or tip, any damaged electrode should be abandoned;

5, the electrode should be replaced in pairs.

After electrode replacement is complete, it is necessary to ensure that the electrodes are stable and perform a discharge correction to ensure that the new electrodes are working properly. This process can usually be done by means of calibration instructions on the fiber splicer. In addition, we can also use the function of the discharge correction to know the optical fiber welding machine in the daily use of the best discharge power.

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