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Optical DWDM Transceivers are available in tunable and fixed types of modules. These transceivers are designed to deliver data reach of 120km. Form factors supported by Optical DWDM Transceivers are SFP, SFP+, XFP, X2 and a few others. These transceivers of DWDM SFP type can accept intermediary wavelengths ranging between 1530nm to 1560nm. Conforming to Ethernet standards 10GBASE and 1000BASE, these transceivers are designed to achieve data rate of 10Gbps and 1 to 2Gbps respectively on single mode fibers. Optical DWDM Transceivers are compatible only with uplink ports. These transceivers are supported across a variety of networking equipment such as routers, switches and chassis ports. Cozlink is an approved manufacturer and supplier of Optical DWDM Transceivers. The Cozlink Optical DWDM Transceivers have won all the mandatory industrial specifications and can be used to replace other transceiver brands such as Dell, Huawei, Brocade, Juniper, Cisco and many others.

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