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Passive Copper Cable 10G is SFP+ to SFP+ connector and is of universal Direct Attached Cable (DAC) nature. The length options available in Passive Copper Cable 10G range from 0.5 m to 5m. This high performance Passive Copper Cable 10G consumes less power and supports data rate from 1.0 Gbit/s to 10.5 Gbit/s. Modules can be permanently attached to each end of Passive Copper Cable 10G and the functional temperature range of Passive Copper Cable 10G is 0°C - 70°C. Protocols compatible with Passive Copper Cable 10G LTE 0.614G CPRI, LTE 0.768G OBSAI, LTE 1.22G CPRI, LTE 1.536G OBSAI, LTE 2.458G CPRI, LTE 3.072G OBSAI, LTE 4.915G CPRI, LTE 6.144G CPRI, LTE 6.144G OBSAI, LTE 7.373 CPRI, LTE 9.830 CPRI, 10Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 8Gigabit Fibre Channel, 4Gigabit Fibre Channel, 2Gigabit Fibre Channel, Gigabit Fibre Channel.

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