The reality of fiber patch cord management

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IntroductionIn shiny pamphlets and expo shows, fix boards are constantly clean and sharp looking. In the media communications wardrobe, in any case, t..

High Density Fiber Patch Cables for Using in Data Center

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IntroductionServer farm fiber optical transmission framework necessities on the transfer speed indicate high development incline, while the utilizatio..

Cat6a Cable in 10G Ethernet

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Cat6a cable is currently considered to the ideal cable type to meet the next generation 10GBASE-T application requirements.10GBASE-T & Cat6a cable..

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Differences between Cat5e cable and Cat6 cable

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Differences between Cat5e and Cat6 Cable Cat5e cable: Cat5e cable has less attenuation and crosstalk ratio, higher ACR and signal to noise ratio ..

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Characteristics of Cat6 cable and considerations of construction

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What is the Cat6 cable?Cat6 cable is the type of cable with the transmission frequency of 1MHz ~ 250MHz. Cat6 cabling system provides 2 times the band..

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Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) VS Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

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Twisted pair is the most commonly used transmission medium in the premise distribution project where super five, six, super six and other Ethernet lin..


MTP multi-core fiber optic connector – the important component of plug-and-play system

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Nowadays, for the vast majority of large enterprises, data centers are vital to the Internet infrastructure. The fast connection design of Plug-and-pl..