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Cozlink SFP+ transceivers of SR type are compatible with Qlogic 10GB transceivers that deliver 10Gbps data transfer speed across 10Gigabit Ethernet protocols. The Qlogic 10GB Transceivers support Ethernet 10GBase – SR interface and operate at input wavelength of 850 nm. These Gigabit Ethernet transceivers are SFP+ MSA approved and are compliant with RoHS standards offering environment-friendly networking expansion solutions in a cost-effective manner. Cozlink produces SFP+ MSA approved Qlogic compatible 10GB Transceivers that come with PC connector and are compatible with IEEE approved 10G ports. Cozlink is an industry approved OEM for 10GB Transceivers and produces SFP+ transceivers fully interchangeable with all other SFP+ transceivers such as HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Huawei, Finisar, Brocade, Dell, PulseOptics, and many others.

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