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Router SFP Transceivers are required to connect IEEE approved routers to copper and optical fiber networks. These transceivers deliver data rate of 1Gbps on in-premise networks and can be used to upgrade networks. The Router SFP Transceivers are used for video data connectivity and come with dual PC/LC connector. These transceivers belong to 1000BASE-T,SX, LX and ZX Ethernet standard types.  Router SFP Transceivers compatible with other brands are manufactured by Cozlink. Cozlink Router SFP Transceivers comply with industry set safety and quality standards. These are class 1 laser safe products compliant with SFF, IEEE, RoHS and MSA standards. Cozlink manufactures industry approved replacements for other brands of interconnects that produce Router SFP Transceivers such as Dell, Cisco, Huawei and many others.

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