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SONET/SDH transceiver module is a kind of the transceiver modules which is compatible with the SONET/SDH and ATM standard and widely used in many fields, especially for packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS), optical networking, and ATM applications. SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy)standard and SONET(Synchronous Optical Network)standard are made by CCITT and ANSI respectively.SONET/SDH SFP used TDM technology for backbone transport.

SONET/SDH transceivers are applied in duplex telecommunications links to transport voice, data and digital video; they may be employed in wireless backhaul applications in support of TDMA, CDMA, GSM, EDGE, LTE, and WiMAX infrastructure equipment. SONET/SDH models cover the standard range of data rates extending from OC-3/STM-1 through OC-48/STM-16. The SFP models include the 2-wire digital diagnostic interface that enable a system to monitor and control the optical transceiver in real time. OC-48/STM-16 models are available in multi-rate format that can service FEC systems operating up to 2670Mbps or XAUI systems operating up to 3125Mbps.

Cozlink is a manufacturer and supplier who offer the SONET/SDH SFP with low price.We offer a range of SONET/SDH SFPs that are on sale. Products include OC3/ STM-1(155 Mbps), OC12/STM-4(622 Mbps), and OC48/ STM-16(2,488 Gbps)SFPs for singlemode and multimode, short reach, intermediate reach, long reach (80km), and plus long reach (120km) applications.At present ,10g sfp+ sonet is still ubder development.It is Multisource Agreement (MSA) compatible and designed for operation at 1310 nm and 1550 nm.We can offer the SONET/SDH sfp which can be compatible with ethernet over sdh sfp,cisco sdh sfp、alcatel sdh sfp、multirate sonet sfp、juniper multirate sonet sfp and other brands sfp.We can also provide customized services of SONET/SDH sfp modules and customers can customize LOGO.

Besides,we also can supply high speed cables ,outdoor cable and indoor cables etc. cables.Any requests,contact us.

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