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SDI SFP Transceivers are transmit/receive modules serve the purpose of solving problems of digital video optical signals. The SDI SFP Module is a distant access electrical video SFP dual transmitter module with built-in reclockers. In the absence of SDI SFP transceivers, the quality of video streaming may drop down dismally causing frequent unpleasant video data drops. These transceivers feature built-in reclockers, HD-BNC connectors, Standard non-msa video SFP pinout. These support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI video datarates ranging from 150Mbps up to 2.97Gbps. SDI SFP Transceivers are MPTE 424M (ST-424), SMPTE 292M (ST-292) and SMPTE 259M (ST-259) compliant.Cozlink SDI SFP Transceivers are built with utmost perfection and reach you only after having won stringent quality certifications laid by industry standards. Our SDI SFP transceivers are compatible to major brands like CISCO, SONET, DELL and many more and complement all optical fiber networking components such as switches, routers, ports etc. that comply to MSA standards.

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