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SDI TELECOM Transceivers find their best use in IP interconnects used for international voice communication services. Cozlink SDI TELECOM Transceivers are designed with specifications such as SMPET 259M, 344 M and 292M system support that coincides with data transmit speed range of 143 Mbps to 1.48 Gbps. Optical wavelength accepted is in range of 1310 nm to 1550 nm. All Cozlink SDI TELECOM Transceivers are ITU-T G.694.2 compliant. Cozlink SDI TELECOM Transceivers come with FC connector and deliver data reach of 10 km on a single mode fiber.Cozlink SDI TELECOM Transceivers are made compatible with other brands of TELECOM compatible transceivers such as Finisar, Cisco, HP and all other MSA approved transceivers.

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