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SFP+ AOC from Cozlink is next generation optical cable of active type. The SFP+ AOC does the job of connecting two SFP+ ports. This active optical cable is lighter and more flexible than copper SFP+ Direct Attach Cables (DACs). It features hot swappable SFP+ cable ends and is designed to deliver 10.3Gbps of data rate. Also available is an SFI limiting interface and a rigid pull-tab that enables high density installations. Cozlink SFP+ AOC is available in lengths ranging between 1m to 20m. These low power connecting cables consume power as low as +3.3V. The 10G AOC from Cozlink finds its best application in inter-rack and intra-rack connections that are normally found in data centre environments. Compatible brands are Planet, Siemens, Telco and many others. 

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