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Single Mode SFP Transceivers work with single mode optical fibers only and have higher optical tolerance than their multimode counterparts. Thus, these are of great use when transmissions are required to cover 2 km to 120 km. Single mode SFP transceivers work typically at 1310 nm and 1550 nm of wavelengths. Bale clasp color defines the frequency at which these SFP transceivers are operational.Maximum data speed of Single Mode SFP Transceivers is 5Gbit/s. These transceivers are compact hot-pluggable and find utility in telecommunication and data transfer, and form a connecting link between network device such as motherboard (applicable in router, switch or similar device) and optical fiber network. Cozlink SM SFP Transceivers are made to support Ether Gigabit, SONET and other communications standards.

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