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Single Mode Transceivers are hot-swappable networking components that support Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SONET/SDH applications. The Single Mode Transceivers do the job of connecting IEEE approved ports, switches and other networking equipment to optical fiber networks. These transceivers deliver data connectivity across long distances ranging between 2km to 120km. The operational temperature range supported by these long range transceivers is 0 to 70 degree Celsius. The Ethernet standards 1000BASE-LX, ZX, EX, 10GBASE-LR, ER, ZR and CWDM, DWDM support Single Mode Transceivers. Cozlink manufactures and supplies Single Mode Transceivers that are of form factors types– SFP. SFP+, XFP, X2 and XENPAK, etc. Compatible brands with Cozlink Single Mode Transceivers are Brocade, Cisco, Juniper, Finisar, Huawei and many others.

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