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Single-Mode X2 Transceivers are hot pluggable optical transceivers that can transmit data over both short as well as long range depending upon the kind of variant chosen. Single mode X2 Transceivers comply with X2 MSA agreement and are RoHS compliant, operational at industrial temperatures ranging from 0o C to 700 C.  These are produced in a large number of variants that can support both CWDM and DWDM multiplexing modules, depending upon their specifications. Single Mode X2 Transceivers transmit data over short as well as long range at 850 nm to 1550 nm frequency and are able to connect 10G Ethernet switches to optical fiber networks. Cozlink Single Mode X2 Transceivers are compatible with all major brands such as CISCO, Prolabs, Finisar, HPE, etc. and are industry approved optical fiber networking solutions.

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