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Source Photonics SFP Transceivers are of Passive Optical Network (PON) type, used for fiber-to-the-premise, or FTTP, deployments which many telecommunication service providers are using to deliver video, voice and data services. Source Photonics SFP Transceivers can deliver data speed of 10 Gbps over a distance of 10 km on a single mode fiber and are compatible with 10GBase-LR SFP models of Cozlink transceivers. These conform to MSA and SFF-8472 MSA standards and support bi-directional 10 km transmission on a single fiber. The Cozlink Source Photonics SFP Transceivers are operational at industrial temperature range of -40C to 85C. Cozlink Source Photonics SFP Transceivers deliver greater fiber efficiency and are used for indoor and outdoor network deployments. These transceivers are fully interchangeable with other SFP transceiver brands such as HP, DELL, Finisar, Ciena, Cisco and many others.

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