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Switch is an interface comprising of ports compatible with a variety of form factor pluggables such as GBIC, mini-GBIC, XFP and many others. Switch GBIC module is based on GBIC which is a standard for transceivers. The switch GBIC can have 8-port, 24-port and 48-port and so on types of configurations and this offers convenience of seamless data connectivity. While networking, one does not need to put the system off as the switch GBIC module is of hot-pluggable nature and can be plugged without interrupting the connectivity. Cozlink is an industry approved switch GBIC transceiver manufacturer that provides high quality networking solutions. Switch GBIC is a space-efficient connecting interface that offers enhanced flexibility to accommodate multiple kinds of optical technologies. IEEE is the standard to which switch GBIC comply with. The IEEE compliant switch GBIC provides safer, faster and power-efficient as well as environment-safe connectivity solutions.

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