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What is a RJ-45?

Short for Registered Jack-45, an eight-wire connector used commonly to connect computers onto a local-area networks (LAN), especially Ethernets. Many customers may don’t know too much about RJ-45, here is more details.Appearance and application operating principlePin Number Designations Appearance and applicationRJ-45 is a standard type of connector for network cables. RJ45 connectors are most commonly seen with Ethernet cables and networks.RJ-45 connectors feature eight pins to which the wire strands of a cable interface electrically. Standard RJ-45 pin outs define the arrangement of the individual wires needed when attaching connectors to a cable.RJ-45 connectors look similar to the ubiquitous RJ-11 connectors used for connecting telephone equipment, but they are somewhat wider.Operating principleEight-conductor data cable contains 4 pairs of wires. Each pair consists of a solid colored wire and a white wire with a stripe of the same color. The pairs are twisted together. T..

Guide of Installing/Removing the SFP RJ-45 Optical Module

The optical module integrates precise optical elements and circuit elements. In the daily use, operation by specification should be noticed; otherwise, the optical module is easily broken. Do you know that there is SFP electrical port module in SFP optical module? How to install and remove SFP electrical port module? The article will give a detailed introduction to the specification of SFP electrical port module's installation and removal.1. Introduction to SFP Electrical Port ModuleOne terminal of SFP RJ-45 module is SFP gold finger connected with the main engine, and the other terminal is common LC interface connected with the optical patch. But sometimes live environment requires using RJ45 interface to connect with a copper network cable. But Internet interface of the device is not enough. Then SFP interface must be transited toRJ45 interface. The former is such an application that one terminal is SPF gold finger and the other terminal is an RJ45 interface with the general speed ra..

The interface types of network connection devices

BNC interfaceBNC interface refers to the coaxial cable interface for 75 Euro coaxial cable connection to provide receiver (RX) and sender (TX) channels, which is used for unbalanced signal connection.Fiber interfaceThe fiber interface is the physical interface used to connect the fiber optical cable. There are usually SC, ST, LC, FC and other types. For a 10Base-F connection, the connector is usually of type ST and the other end is a fiber walker. FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector. Its external reinforcement uses metal sets with the screw buckle for fastening. The ST interface is typically used for 10Base-F, and the SC interface is typically used for 100Base-FX and GBIC, and LC is typically used for SFP.RJ-45 interfaceRJ-45 interface is the most commonly used interface in Ethernet. RJ-45, a common name, refers to the IEC (60) 603-7 standardization which uses the definite the modular jack or plug with eight locations (8-pin) in international connector standard.RS-232 interface..
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