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Naming of Fiber Optic Cable

How were fiber optic cable named?Fiber optic cable is commonly named with a group of several letters and numbers, such as GYXTW53. In the names of fiber optic cables, the letters or numbers stand for the codes of different components or concepts of optical cable. Generally speaking, names of optical cables consist of two parts, the model and specification of fiber optic cable. And the optical cable model and specification also respectively include several elements as below shown. Introduction about rules of naming fiber optic cablesⅠ. Fiber optical cable categoryCodeCategory of optical cableGYoutdoor communication cableGJindoor cableMGcoal mine cableGSEquipment communication cableGHSubmarine communication cableGTSpecial communication cableGWNon-metal cable for communication GRSoft cable for communicationGMMobile cable for communicationⅡ. Strengthen componentsStrengthen components refer to the components inside the protective cover which are used to strength the tensile resistance ..

What Is GYTS Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of GYTS fiber optic cableGYTS fiber optic cable is a type of fiber optic cable that comprises fiber stand from 2-432 cores.  This type of fiber cable has drastically changed the telecommunication industry through the use of more effective forms of communication networks.  GYTS fiber optic cable has improves the communication effectiveness across the urban areas.  Widely, GYTS fiber optic cable is found in two forms; Single mode GYTS fiber and multimode GYTS fiber optic cable. Description of a standard GYTS fiber optic cable PBT loose tube of 2-12 fiber, Tube thickness: 0.3±0.05mm, Diameter:  2.1±0.1um,  Fiber (Fiber characteristic), Cladding diameter: 125.0±0, Fiber characteristics: Diameter: 242±7 um, UV color fiber: Standard chromatogram. Central Strength member: steel wire with Diameter: 1.6mm. It has a Filling Compound; Longitudinal corrugated steel tape laminated with polyethylene on both sides. Consequently, it has a Corrugated s..

Structure of GYFTY73 Fiber Optic Cable

Definition The structure of GYFTY73 fiber optic cable is very simple and easy to understand. It comprises several essential components that include; Outer jacket, Optional protection from physical damage, Strength members, Buffer, and Optical fiber stand. Consequently, each and every core found in the structure of GYFTY73 fiber optic cable contains three component which includes; Cladding, Core, and Coating. DescriptionGYFTY73 (Loose tube stranding, Non-metal strength member, Flooding jelly compound, PE inner jacket, Glass yarn strength member, PE outer jacket) and its standards are; The YD/T 901-2009  Outdoor layer stranded optical cable for telecommunicationsFeatures of GYFTY73 Fiber Optic CableThe size of the core is varying between 8 and 63 microns. Pieces of the strand are so tiny they can easily penetrate the skin and in some cases travel through the human body with blood vessels. This is one more reason why installation should be done by professiona..

What Is GJFJBH Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of GJFJBH Fiber Optic CableGJFJBH Fiber Optic Cable is the type of the fiber optic cable that is widely used in the interconnection of communication equipment. This type of the fiber cable has brought a great relief in the communication industry through enhancing the communication process. Consequently, GJFJBH Fiber Optic Cable is made of great materials that position it in a better place in the market. In most cases, GJFJBH Fiber Optic Cable has an outer jacket in yellow color. Therefore, you can easily identify it in the market.  Additionally, GJFJBH Fiber Optic Cable has a tight buffer structure which is simple and easy to understand and for that reason, it is simple to install. Indeed, GJFJBH Fiber Optic Cable has excellent tensile properties and high strength that gives the cable upper hand over other types.Description of GJFJBH Fiber Optic CableGJFJBH (Tight buffer structure, aramid yarn strength member, LSZH outer sheath)Standards of GJFJBH Fiber Optic ..
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