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What Is GYTA Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of GYTA fiber optic cableGYTA fiber optic cable is a type of fiber optic cable which is widely used for aerial applications. This type of fiber optic cable has emerged in the market as the market leader, particularly in urban areas. If you walk around many towns today, you are likely to come in contact with GYTA fiber optic cable somewhere.  That indicates that its demand is high and many people use it. Uses of GYTA fiber optic cableGYTA Fiber Optic Cable is applied to long-distance laying, inner-building connection, distribution and inner-building supporting system. A steel wire sometimes sheathed with Polyethylene (PE) for GYTA fiber cable locates in the center of cores as a metallic strength member. GYTA fiber optic cable has tubes stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular GYTA cable core.GYTA is the stranded loose tube fiber optic cable with compact structure; the cable jacket is made of strong Polyethylene. This fiber optic cabl..

What is Overhead Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of Overhead Fiber Optic CablesAn overhead fiber optic cables are cables used in transmission of data over a long distance. Normally, these cables are fixed on utility poles. Consequently, they are coated with PE jacket to protect the inner part from various environmental factors such as rain, sun, dust etc.   Under the sheath, there is a metallic buffer tube which contains 1-12 fibers. In North America, overhead fiber optic cables are mostly used in fixing telephone and TV line. They are used to connect remote building for effective communication. Additionally, overhead fiber optic cables are used to connect several building sites over a wide geographical area. In some conditions, the overhead cables can be integrated in the power conductor for effective communication.  Structure of Overhead Fiber Optic CablesCables are arranged on poles with the most dangerous cables, that is, those carrying power, strung highest. Overhead cable systems also include a number of di..

What Is GYDTS Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of GYDTS Fiber Optic CableGYDTS Fiber Optic Cable is the type of fiber optic cable that can effectively survive in high temperature. This fiber cable has gathered praises from millions of its users due to its incomparable ability to perform under high temperatures.   Despite the temperature degree experienced, GYDTS Fiber Optic Cable has the ability to adjust and cope with it. Therefore, GYDTS Fiber Optic Cable is the suitable type of the fiber cable to be used in areas where high voltages are expected.  Consequently, its features are unique as outlined below. GYDTS Fiber Optic Cable is one of the best fiber cables. Most of the technicians recommend it’s due to its unique properties. Consequently, GYDTS Fiber Optic Cable is associated with numerous advantages which include; 1. Good mechanical and temperature performance.2. High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant.3. Special tube filling compound ensures a critical protection of fiber.4. Speci..

What Is GYTA33 Optical Fiber Cable?

Definition of GYTA33 optical fiber cableGYTA33 optical fiber cable is the type of the fiber cable that is widely used in watery areas. This type of cable is water resistant and therefore, do not get affected by the water.  In most cases, you will get the GYTA33 optical fiber cables installed in rural areas. However, they are often installed in urban areas. Its characteristics make it best option to be considered in watery areas.  As discussed below, GYTA33 optical fiber cable has some outstanding features which include a water-resistant filling compound. Description of GYTA33 optical fiber cableThe fibers, 250μm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic.The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound.A steel wire, sometimes sheathed with polyethylene (PE) for cable with high fiber count locates in the center of core as a metallic strength member. Tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and cir..
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