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Application of Fiber Optic Cable

It is known that fiber optic cables have almost changed and improved the world of network communication instead of traditional methods of networking. It was the outstanding advantages that made fiber optic cables useful in numerous fields and make great contribution to our society.Nowadays fiber optic cables are playing an increasingly important role in many industries and applications. What can fiber optic cables be used for?At the beginning, fiber optic cables are used for communication, and then they were applied to network construction. With the development and improvement of research,fiber optic cables are found useful in more fields such as medical treatment and some commercial uses. Here will give the introduction about these applications of fiber optic cables.Fiber optic cables used in telecommunication and networking InternetFiber optic cables transmit large amounts of data at very high speeds. This technology is therefore widely used in internet cables. As compared ..

What Is GYTA53 Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of GYTA53 fiber optic cableGYTA53 fiber optic cable is a type of the fiber cable with a metallic central part to offer it a self-support required. This type of fiber cable is gradually gaining praises from its users due to numerous outstanding features. For instance, it is covered by a black PE sheath that protects it from any external damages.  Additionally, GYTA53 fiber optic cable is commonly available in two forms; Single-mode and multimode fiber.   According to the market research, the net sales of GYTA53 fiber optic cable  are gradually increasing across the market. That is a clear indication that, this type of fiber cable is attracting more users daily. DescriptionFiber optic cable GYTA53, 2~144 fibers, central strength member (steel), jelly filled, fiber contained loose tube and PP filler (if necessary) stranded, water blocking jelly, copolymer coated aluminum tape, PE inner sheath, longitudinally covered by copolymer coated steel tape, PE outer s..

What Is GYXS Optical Fiber Cable?

Definition of GYXS optical fiber cableGYXS optical fiber cable is a type of fiber optical cable with a loose tube at the central part and then wrapped with a layer of PSP longitudinally.  It is another water-resistant fiber cable that can effectively perform in wet areas.  This type of fiber optic has brought a significant change in the communication industry due to its unique features. Consequently, it’s small in size and therefore, it takes minimal space volume. Additionally, GYXS optical fiber cable has two parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides of the steel tape. The cable is completed with flame-retardant sheath.Description of GYXS optical fiber cableIn the structure of Model GYXS optical cable, the single mode or multimode optical fibers are jacked by loose tube and the tube made of high modulus polyester. Inside the tube, it is full of the waterproof filling compound, in which no elemental hydrogen could be detected. Outside the loose tube, it is wrapped long..

What Is GJYXFCH Fiber Optic Cable?

Definition of GJYXFCH Fiber Optic CableGJYXFCH Fiber Optic Cable is the type of fiber optic cable with a two parallel fiber reinforced plastic positioned at the center. These parallel fibers are meant to offer the necessary support to the cable.  Consequently, GJYXFCH Fiber Optic Cable has steel with on side to prevent the cable from breaking in case of any mechanical damage. Additionally, the cable is covered by a black LSZH sheath.  This is one the widely used fiber cables worldwide. Description of GJYXFCH Fiber Optic CableTwo core flat drop cable for fiber To The Home (FTTH) application, the cable is constructed with two single-mode fibers protected by dielectric strength member made of steel wire strength member and LSZH outer jacket for ultraviolet light protection and outdoor use.It is very light in construction and easy to install, generally used for connecting main distribution frame to consolidation point in home, apartment or offices. Industry standard connecto..
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