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The difference between SFP and SFP+, XFP, QSFP, GBIC, BIDI

Nowadays, as the core optoelectronic device in the optical communication network, the types of the optical module is increasing, and its functions also becoming more and more complicated. Different types of optical modules are emerging such as SFP, SFP +, XFP, QSFP, GBIC and BIDI. We’ll take SFP optical module which is commonly used in the market as an example to talk about the difference among these similar optical modules.SFP optical module, which also known as small package pluggable optical module, and used in the telecommunications industry and optical communications. The interface of the SFP optical module is LC which the size is small, suitable for high-density cabling environment. Meanwhile, SFP has specifications that a variety of network electronic device vendors to support, mainly to support Gigabit Ethernet and fiber-optic network communications. The electrical interface of it is 20pin Gold-finger, data signal interface is basically same as SFF module’s.The difference betwe..

What is SFP-10G-SR?

Optical fiber communication technology plays an important role in the information transmission, which greatly improves the data transmission speed and becomes the main communication transmission technology in China. Optical module is a very important component in the optical fiber communication technology, and we often see the parameters of optical module that contains SFP-10G-SR. For professionals in the field of optical communications will clearly understand the meaning of it, but for some novice and layman, it is possible to can't fully understand. So let Cozlink ( to explain in detail what SFP-10G-SR is.What is SFP-10G-SR? In short, the SFP-10G-SR is a very common model of optical module, Cisco, Huawei and other manufacturers will produce it, and it mainly used in switches and routers, we can divide it into three elements to introduce.SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) refers to the small hot-swappable packaging module, it can be seen as an upgraded version of GBIC, and ..

What You Don’t Know About Fiber Optic Transceiver Installation?

Fiber optic transceivers are recognized as the most commonly used fiber optic product in fiber optic communication, and they take irreplaceable part in any fiber optic communication or network system. As far as I know, there have been lots of agreements or complaints happened to most of sellers and buyers about fiber optic transceiver failures and most of which were actually caused by incorrect installation or operation. Based on the fact, I believe it’s quite necessary to work out a set of complete guide on fiber optic transceiver installation, no matter a seller or buyer or others you are, this guide expects to help you out of complaining or confusing situation.Common improper installations and Faults caused1. Put contaminated fiber optic transceiver into used without cleaning. Fiber optic transceiver failed to work due to blocked ports.2. Incorrectly removing the fiber patch cable easily causes the ferrule of optical connectors broken inside the optical module, which make it out of ..

Can RJ-45 port SFP be used in the SFP+ slot?

Most users feel puzzled about the compatibility of SFP and SFP+, and the real point that puzzles them is if the SFP module will work when plugging it into the SFP+ slot. For lots of engineers, this is also an issue that hard to get a clear answer. In this condition, this post will bring you to conclude an answer to it.First of all, SFP optical module can be plugged into SFP+ port in most cases.Without knowing the exact switch model, but from the experience, SFP module is able to work in the SFP+ slot, while SFP+ module can’t work in the SFP slot. When plugging the SFP module into SFP+ port, the speed at this port is 1G, rather than 10G. Sometimes the port would lock the speed at 1G until re-order the switch. Besides, SFP+ port usually can’t support a speed under 1G. That is to say, we can’t plug 100BASE SFP module in the SFP+ port.Basically, this issue mostly depends on the switch model, because in some cases, SFP module can work in SFP+ port, but in other cases not. For instance, almo..
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