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About the white switch of the new generation of data center

IntroductionThe so-called white switch, as the name suggests it is a switch with no brand. Nowadays, SDN (Software Definition Network) is becoming more and more popular, and white switches attract more and more business attention when deploying next-generation data centers due to the fact that most of the solutions to SDN in the startup period include white switches.White switch is just a switch with hardware structure; it is not available without software. Each switch must have a hardware-independent operating system, and similar to the Linux and Windows, which is to make full use of the abstraction layer on the bare metal switch, so a hardware-independent operating system is a primary condition for white switches.The ideal operating system for white switches is Linux OS, which offers a number of advantages (including open source / free tools such as GCC, Python's local environment, and the ability to compile applications onboard), and OS requires seamless integration the existing L2 ..

How to choose the right switch?

1. Important parameters of the switchBackplane bandwidthThe backplane bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be handled by the switch interface processor or interface card and data bus. The backplane bandwidth indicates the total data exchange capacity of the switch in Gbps, also known as switching bandwidth. The higher the backplane bandwidth of a switch is, the stronger the ability of processing data.Calculation method of backplane bandwidth: the number of ports * port speed * 2 = backplane bandwidth. Huawei S1724G, for example, which has 24 Gigabit ports. Backplane Bandwidth = 24 * 1000 * 2/1000 = 48Gbps.Backplane bandwidth ≤ nominal backplane bandwidth, then the switching device is wire-speed on the backplane bandwidth, also known as non-blocking.Forwarding performance (the sum of the packet forwarding rates of each port)Packet forwarding rate, also known as port throughput, refers to the router in a port packet forwarding capacity, the unit is usually pps (packet per sec..

The parameters of switch in data center, this is the key!

With the development of the optical communication industry, the demand for data centers is also growing, so ordinary switches have been unable to meet the needs of data centers, and with high capacity, large cache, virtualization, Layer 2 TRILL and other technical features of the data center switch can meet the needs. Switches in the data center have a lot of technical parameters, but what are the most critical parameters that we should focus?A powerful function of the switch is exchanging which is also the most basic function, so the exchange performance is the most critical parameters of the switch. The parameters that measure the performance of a switch exchange are backplane bandwidth, port density, and switching capacity.1. Backplane bandwidthBackplane Bandwidth is a technical parameter of a rack-mounted switch that represents the maximum data throughput between the switch interface processor and the data bus. In general, the backplane bandwidth is in the range of several to sever..

Explanations about Cisco network devices’ product models

Cisco network equipment has a variety of models, which often confuses people and makes it difficult to record, so it’s necessary to conclude the meanings that various product models stand for.1. The meaning of the letters in the Cisco product models1. Product models that start with CISCO are routers;2. Product models that start with RSP are engines of CISCO7500 series.3. Product models that start with RSP VIP are multi-functional interface processor module of CISCO 7500 series.4. Product models that start with PA are modules of CISCO 7500/7200 series.5. Product models that start with NPE are engines of CISCO7200 series.6. Product models that start with NM are CISCO low-end router module;7. Product models that start with WIC are the WAN interface module of CISCO low-end router;8. Product models that start with VWIC are the voice interface module of CISCO low-end routers;9. Product models that start with WS-C are switches;10. Product models that start with WS-X are the engine or module o..
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