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Should I Buy QSFP-SR4-40G QSFP+ Optical Module?

As a widely used and powerful optic component, optical modules are irreplaceable in fiber optic communication. With the increase of demands for bandwidth and performance of fiber optic communication and network system, the types and performance of optical modules are getting rich and strong, how to identify an optical module and know if it is good and proper for your demands? Take QSFP-SR4-40G as an example, even people know this module support a great performance, but few of them can seize the point of why and when you should choose this optical module. Here are about the whole things you have to know the answer to above question.1. Package typeQSFP-SR4-40G optical module is packaged by the type of QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus), that is the four-channel small pluggable optical module. This type of package is created to meet the demands for higher density and high-speed pluggable solution. The whole system includes a 38PIN connector, EMI shielding assembly, optical tran..

The best solution of 10G network

The rapid growth of the data center requires the server with higher performance. From the initial 100M, 1G, 10G, to 40G and 100G, high-speed Ethernet has never stopped developing. The 10G Ethernet (IEEE802.3ae) standard was approved in 2002. In the 10G network, engineers are often confused about choosing fiber or copper cable. This article will provide reference for everyone to analyze three kinds of 10G network program.1. 10G SFP plus optical moduleThe SFP+ optical module is a duplex LC interface that is used with LC fiber jumpers for fiber cabling. It provides a wide variety of 10G Ethernet connectivity options for data center, enterprise wiring closet and service provider transmission with typical transmission wavelength at 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm.2. 10G SFP+ high-speed cable10G SFP+ high-speed cable are optical devices commonly used in data center’s rack-top wiring, used to connect small access switches and servers. 10G SFP+ high-speed cable is a low-cost solution for alternative o..

Can you really distinguish optical module and fiber media converter?

In the field of optical communications, there are many devices with similar functions. For example, optical modules and fiber media converter are equipment for photoelectric conversion, and sometimes they have different names. Optical module is also known as optoelectronic module while fiber media converter is called photoelectric converter. Can you distinguish the differences between them?Definition and function of fiber media converterFiber media converter is the equipment that makes conversion between short-distance electrical signals and long-distance optical signal, generally used in long-distance transmission. It transmits through the fiber, and converts the electrical signal into optical signals, at the same time, and converts the received optical signal into electrical signals. Fiber media converter is a cost-effective solution, which can complete network upgrade without a lot of manpower, material and time. The role of optical moduleThe role of the optical module is also ..

Tips for the 40G QSFP + SR4 optical module interconnection

Today, 40G network has gradually developed into a backbone network for long-distance network transmission applications. And the 40G QSFP+ SR4 optical module is widely used in 40G short-range network transmission. In general, 40G QSFP + SR4 optical module can work in the 850nm wavelength environment,can support up to 150 meters of 40G fiber optic network transmission in the OM4 multi-mode. QSFP + SR4 optical module uses MTP / MPO dual-channel network transmission interface design, just with a different connection products, can ensure that in a variety of applications in a variety of ways to QSFP + SR4 optical modules connected with other devices. In addition, because 40G network cabling is more difficult than 10G, always need more fiber jumpers and spacing, the following will introduce several high-density QSFP + SR4 optical module wiring methods.40G QSFP + SR4 optical module 40G to 40G transmission applicationsIn the 40G fiber network environment for 40G to 40G transmission. The d..
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