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Fiber Type Vs Speed and Distance

IntroductionThere are different types of fiber cables with different speed as well as the distance covered. For instance, the multimode fiber is most suitable for transmission of data over a short distance and high speed while single mode is best suited in transmission of data over long distances with high speed. Therefore, be wise in selecting the type of fiber to use based on the distance and speed.  Discussion The 62.5/125 µm (AKA: OM1) has been the most popular multimode fiber choice throughout the 80's, 90's and into the early 2000's and was the most common multimode fiber used and yet it has the lowest data carrying capacity and shortest distance limitations as compared with other Multimode fiber types. It is generally accepted that 62.5/125 Multimode will soon be obsolete for the purpose of new installations.NOTE: If you currently have 62.5/125 µm fiber installed in your office, building or campus you need to continue to use 62.5/125 µm fiber patch cables to connect to..

Solution of Basec Fiber Pre-termination Data Center

With the development of data center operation and the increasing demands of products, pre-termination products have come into being, bringing a better solution for data center’s business. In the past, the data center always adopted the solution of welding, today’s data center, however, with the increasing demands of products, has already adopted pre-termination products, which support the use in the places requiring high-density, quick arrangement, and high performance.What is pre-termination?The so-called pre-termination fiber refers to the terminals of the fiber are connected with the certain modules and twisted-pair fiber group qualified in the test. According to the plan in advance, all modularized fiber products with immediate insertion and use employed when the factory finishes manufacturing and tests insert the terminals of pre-termination fiber into the corresponding empty distribution frame and then the installation of the fiber system is finished.Advantages of pre-termination..

Basic Knowledge of Fiber Transmission

Advantages of fiber telecommunication●Large telecommunication capacity●Long relay distance●No electromagnetic interference●Abundant resources●Light fiber with small volumeElectromagnetic wave spectrumTelecommunication band partitions and their corresponding transmission mediaFiber StructuresBare fiber is generally divided into three layers:First layer: innermost glass core with high refractive index (core diameter with general 9-10μm (single-mode), 50 or 62.5μm (multi-mode)Second layer: middle silicon glass coating with low refractive index (diameter with general 125μm)Third layer: outermost resin coating to intensify                     1) core: high refractive index for light transmission;2) coating:low refractive index, forming the total reflection condition combined with core;3)  jacket:great intensity, suffering the stronger shock to protect fiber.3mm fiber cable   orange    MM     multi-mode &nbs..

Important Concepts and Devices in Fiber Transmission

Common fiber nouns1) AttenuationAttenuation: light’s energy loss transmitting in single-mode fiber 1310nm 0.4~0.6dB/km 1550nm 0.2~0.3dB/km plastic multi-mode fiber 300dB/km. 2) DispersionDispersion: light pulse’s march for a distance along the fiber causes the wider bandwidth. It is the main factor that limits transmission rate.Mode dispersion: it only occurs in multi-mode fiber as different mode lights transmit along different ways.Material dispersion: lights with different wavelengths are different in gaits of march.Waveguide dispersion: the reason is that light energy transmits in the fiber core and coating with relatively different gaits of march. In the single-mode fiber, changing fiber’s dispersion by changing its inner structure is very important.Fiber typesG.652 zero dispersion point is around 1300nmG.653 zero dispersion point is around 1550nmG.654 negative dispersion fiberG.655 dispersion shifted fiber 3) ScatteringAs the imperfect light’s basic structure cause light..
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