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The effective transmission distances of all kinds of network cables

Some users are easily confused about the transmission distances of all kinds of network cables we use in daily life while knowing that information is important for selecting the proper cable, so an overall conclusion following will be necessary and greatly helpful.1. The network cableCat5, Cat6 are 100 meters. To increase the transmission distance, adding up to 4 repeaters between the two twisted pairs is effective. If you install four repeaters to connect five network segments, the maximum transmission distance can be up to 500m.Ethernet coaxial cable cablet with a transmission distance of about 100 meters, about 500 meters for Ethernet thick cable.2. Fiber1. Transmission rate 1Gb/s, 850nm (fiber diameter)a. Ordinary 50μm multimode fiber, the transmission distance of 550m.b. Ordinary 62.5μm multimode fiber, the transmission distance of 275m.c. The new 50μm multimode fiber, the transmission distance of 1100m.2. Transmission rate 10Gb/s, 850nma. Ordinary 50μm multimode fiber, the transm..

Types and Selection of Network cables

The network cable is the most obscure part of the computer network and the most easily overlooked part. In the formation of the network, most people will pay attention to switches, routers, network cards and other equipment, but for the network cable, generally not nitpick too much. But with the expansion of the network size and the increase in demand for cable, the importance of network cable is more and more obvious. Here we understand the basics of network cable.1. The type of network cableTwisted pair can be divided into unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP).The outer layer of the shielded twisted pair cable is wrapped by aluminum platinum to reduce the radiation, but it cannot completely eliminate the radiation. The shielded twisted pair’s price is relatively high, and its installation is more difficult than the unshielded twisted pair cable.Unshielded twisted pair cable has the following advantages: unshielded jacket, small diameter, saving space occupied;..

What kind of network cable should the PoE device use?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology which use network to provide equipment with direct current. Since the nineties of the 20th century, PoE technology with reliable and cost-effective features have been widely respected, PoE equipment is also very common in our daily life, then, what kind of cable we should use to PoE equipment power supply? This tutorial will give you an answer.PoE and IEEE are the first standards for PoE, and these two standards of power supply can provide 15W and 30W of direct current to the PoE equipment via cable, respectively. These two standards are generally suitable for low power PoE devices such as IP phones, wireless APs and some cameras. In order to meet the needs of high-power PoE equipment, people later developed the IEEE standard, in line with this standard power supply equipment can provide high-power PoE equipment with 60 watts or even 100 watts of direct current. However, when supplying power to high-power ..
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