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Applications of optical modules in the data center

For data centers, fiber technology is no longer dispensable, or only used to solve the most difficult problems of interconnection technology, and now, high bandwidth, high port density, and low power requirements require fiber technology to solve, And the current fiber technology is already a technology with batch of products and low-cost, widely used in switches and server interfaces and other applications.In data center infrastructure applications, 10G, 40G, and 100G optoelectronic products provide the highest bandwidth, highest density, lowest power consumption, and lowest total cost of system interconnection for the data center. At the same time, these optoelectronic products and devices are moving to 400G and higher speed, together with the industry promoting optical interconnect technology to help achieve large-scale, high-bandwidth, high flexibility, high efficiency, highly interconnected modern data center.The pluggable optical module addresses the following issues for the data..

100G optical modules, core solution to high-speed network system

With the rapid development of optical communication in recent years, users have increasing demands for the network. In this condition, 100G optical module has become the hot focus that users care. What is a 100G optical module? This post will give a complete introduction and guide about 100G optical modules.1. Introduction of 100G optical modules100G optical module was created to adapt to the trend that network market is developing to 40G and 100G, with a transmission rate of 100G, this module plays a significant role in 100G network system deployment.2. Technology development of 100G optical modulesCompared with the 2.5G, 10G or 40G wavelength division transmission systems, the 100G optical transmission uses the digital coherent receiver to map all the optical attributes of the optical signal to the electric domain through the phase diversity and the polarization state diversity. Using the mature digital signal processing technology achieve in the electric domain polarization demultip..

Guide about buying BIDI optical modules

BIDI optical module is a single-fiber bi-directional optical module, the use of WDM technology, launch and receive two different directions of the central wavelength, to achieve the optical signal in a fiber on the two-way transmission. The optical module typically has two ports: the transmit port (TX) and the receive port (RX), and the BIDI optical module has only one port, filtering through the filter in the optical module, and simultaneously transmitting a wavelength optical signal and another (BIDI optical module wavelengths are in combination), so BIDI optical modules must be used in pairs, its biggest advantage is to save fiber resources. This article will introduce the following types of BIDI optical modules.1. BIDI SFP optical module Cisco GLC-FE-100BX-D BiDi SFP 100BASE optical module Model GLC-FE-100BX-D Supplier Cozlink Package SFP Rate ..
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