Optical Module Factory

Crafts Process

  • Delivery of raw materials

    Using high precision raw materials, perfect impedance matching, long service life.

  • Assembly welding

    Dust-free workshop production, strictly control the failure rate.

  • Production automation

    Automatically test the attenuation and sensitivity of the product, check the error rate and alarm.

  • Aging test

    High temperature aging for more than 12 hours.

  • Anti-static packaging

    Material is used to ensure the stability of the packaging and the performance of each product.

  • Comprehensive test

    Final inspection includes end face inspection, visual inspection, data check, etc.

  • QC inspection

    Qualification rate is up to 99%, to ensure that all optical modules are fully in line with international standards.

  • System test

    Through a series of performance tests, each optical module can meet the needs of the user's application environment.

Product Inspection Project

Routine test
1. product labels, logos, bar code inspection;
2. packaging parts is intact;
3. check the shell without scratches, bubbles, dent etc.
Mechanical test
1. check the optical channel is dirty;
2. insertion force check.
Electrical performance test
1. test availability;
2. check the correctness of code;