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Tunable XFP is available in DWDM format only as CWDM is too wide for this. The tunable XFP modules can be tuned to 88 different channels at an interval of 0.4nm. This module has a reach of 80km depending upon the fiber quality and mux type. The tunable xfp optics can be tuned over CLI, however not all support this interface, for example Juniper. Cisco manufactures tunable XFP that can be tuned from channel 1561.83 to 1530.33. The naming convention may be different for this brand as it uses typical nomenclature for its products. Cozlink also deals in tunable XFP of DWDM type that comes with LC connector and delivers data links to a distance of 80km. These tunable XFP from Cozlink are provided with DDM/DOM. Cozlink XFP are compatible with other brands such as ADTRAN, Brocade, Cisco, Huawei and many others.

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