Things you should know about Cross-connection Cabinet

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Telecommunications market is quite a competitive one. With many competitors vying for the largest market share, it has become necessary for the makers..

Passive Optical Network: Things you need to know!

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FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is revolutionizing the telecommunication industry and a number of applications based on this technology have been rolled out ..

PLC splitter: an essential part of fiber optic technology

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Introduction To adapt up to current fiber optic system's needs and stringent necessities on its execution, security, wellbeing and measured quali..

Troubleshoot the PON Network

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1. Cable failureFiber optical cable interruption leads to equipment without light, or cable damage causes excessive light attenuation. This kind of fa..


Tutorial of the optical switch

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What is an optical switch?An optical switch is a device for opening or closing an optical circuit in a communication application that selectively swit..

The important parameters that need attention when operating WDM system

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When operating the WDM system, make sure to pay extra attention to the following parameters:1. wavelengthA wavelength is a distance traveled by a wave..


Explanation of WDM Technical Terminology (2)

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The topology used in WDM systems plays an important role in the utilization of WDM networks. Topology-related terms are:Network topology structureBy u..

Explanation of the WDM technical Terminology(1)

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IntroductionWavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology has brought unprecedented bandwidth capacity upgrade, improve bandwidth while also savin..

How to build a CWDM & DWDM hybrid network?

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IntroductionWavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology is usually divided into coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) technology and de..

Overview of Optical Distribution Box

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ODB is the abbreviation of Optical Distribution Box. Generally, the distribution box is used for the connection between fiber and patch of the optical..

Skills for Using the Coarse Wavelength Division multiplexer/Demultiplexer

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For the need of improvement of network transmission systems, and network transmission ways of cost savings, time and effort, the coarse wavelength div..

How to Establish 10G CWDM Network?

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CWDM technology utilizes optical division multiplexer to multiplex optical signals with different wavelengths to single fiber for transmission. In the..

Thorough understanding of DWDM

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Basic knowledge of DWDM    ·WDM—multiplexing multi-light carriers carrying different information to one fiber to transmit (1510/1310 wavelen..

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The Strategy of Grinding and Polishing the High Quality Fiber Optic Connector

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In the field of optical communication, the fiber optic connector has an important role in precisely joint with the two surfaces of the fiber so that t..

The Application of CWDM Technology in Metropolitan Area Network

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Metropolitan area network refers to the communication network which is built in a city. The transmission medium is mainly used with optical fiber. It ..