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Bi-Directional SFP, aka BiDi SFP or WDM SFP, is a compact optical transceiver module used in bi-directional communications applications. It interfaces a network device mother board (for a switch, router or similar device) to a fiber optic or unshielded twisted pair networking cable. It is a popular industry format supported by several fiber optic component vendors.

The primary difference between BiDi transceivers and traditional two-fiber fiber optic transceivers is that BiDi transceivers are fitted with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) couplers, also known as diplexers, which combine and separate data transmitted over a single fiber based on  the wavelengths of the light. For this reason, BiDi transceivers are also referred to as WDM transceivers.

To work effectively, BiDi transceivers must be deployed in matched pairs, with their diplexers tuned to match the expected wavelength of the transmitter and receiver that they will be transmitting data from or to.

Cozlink is a manufacturer and supplier who offer the BIDI SFP with low price.We supply different types of BiDi SFP transceivers for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SONET/SDH etc. These BiDi SFP modules can support transmission distance up to max 120 km.wdm sfp Multi mode single fiber sfp is available from us.

We can offer the WDM sfp which can be compatible bidi sfp Cisco and other brands.We can also provide customized services of copper sfp modules and customers can customize LOGO.

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