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WDM TELECOM Transceivers are replaceable with Gen 1 10 km and 40 km WDM transceivers produced by Cozlink. WDM SFP+ transceivers deliver 10G connectivity across IEEE 802.3a ports. These high speed transceivers from Cozlink are composed of a receiver end and a transmitter end. WDM TELECOM Transceivers produced by Cozlink deliver 10G/40G/100G connectivity over telecommunication network deployments.These Cozlink WDM TELECOM Transceivers conform to MSA standards and are seeing phenomenal increase in demand post the use of Indium phosphide-based CFP2-ACO technology in building high speed transceivers. Cozlink has matched all the quality standards and is producing WDM TELECOM Transceivers compatible with brands such as Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena and Infinera.

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