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X2 Transceivers are industry standardized form factor for 10 Gbps fiber networks. These X2 Transceivers are applicable across both  10G Ethernet and 10G Fibre Channel versions. X2 transceivers fit for data communications networks only, and they are more compact than XENPAK counterparts. The electrical interface of X2 Transceivers to the host board   is called XAuI (4 x 3.125 Gbps ).X2 Transceivers use the SC connectors, same as those used in Xenpak Transceivers.. Cozlink X2 Transceivers are interchangeable with both Cisco and HP products.  In spite of their being older and bulky, they are still applied to complement ASR 9000 series of Cisco switches.The X2 transceivers are available in four different versions: SX, LX, EX and ZX.The SX is meant for Multi Mode fiber, while the LX, EX and ZX operate only on Single Mode fiber.Cozlink offers complete CWDM and DWDM range for X2 Transceivers.It also manufactures BIDI transceiver range which works on only 1 strand of single fiber. The X2 Transceivers are used as double SFP 1G, thereby allowing network specialist to achieve more flexible network for the end user.

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