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X2 & XENPAK Transceivers are different from each other in form factor only. X2 is a bit smaller form factor than the XENPAK. Because of their bulky structure, X2 & XENPAK Transceivers are now being replaced with SFP and SFP+ transceivers, very few of the Cisco switch series make use of X2 & XENPAK Transceivers. Both the X2 & XENPAK Transceivers have SC connectors, exception being X2-CX4 that uses InfiniBand connectors. Another point of difference among X2 & XENPAK Transceivers is that LRM specification is available in X2 format only. On the other hand, LX4 (characterized by 4 x 2.5 Gb wavelengths) is available in both X2 & XENPACK Transceivers. X2 & XENPACK Transceivers modules are connectible with each other as their optics are of same transceiver type.

X2 & XENPAK Transceivers ( 20 results )

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Package: X2 XENPAK
Data Rate/Application: 10G Ethernet/SDH/SONET/Fiber Channel
Distance: 220m 300m 10km 40km 80km
Interface: SC
Fiber Mode: Single-Mode Multi-Mode
Fiber Count: Dual Fiber
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