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XFP Active Copper Cable AWG30, as the name suggests, is an active copper cable measuring 3m with two connector slots compatible with XFP transceivers. This XFP Active Copper Cable AWG30 is compliant with XFP MSA and RoHS. The Cozlink XFP Active Copper Cable AWG30 is used across Fiber Channel, 10GbE, SONET, SAN/NAS, LTE/CPRI/OBSAI applications. Cozlink also manufactures and supplies XFP Active Copper Cable AWG30type connectivity solution for expanding and enhancing networks with Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet protocols. The XFP Active Copper Cable AWG30 complies with the international ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS standards and offers power-efficient and cost-effective connecting medium. These cables are able to withstand industrial temperature and humidity conditions. Cozlink XFP Active Copper Cable AWG30 is compatible with wide range of brands including Netgear, Planet, Picolight and many others.

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