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XFP Active DAC is available in four models at Cozlink. The XFP Active DAC is categorized as AWG28 and AWG30. XFP to XFP and XFP to SFP+ are two types of varieties of XFP Active DAC available at Cozlink. This group of XFP Active DAC is a collection of copper based cables that are available in lengths ranging from 0.5m to 10m. The XFP Active DAC is provided with DDM and complies with industry grades such as SFF-8431 MSA standard. XFP Active DAC from Cozlink conforms to international ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS standards. This set of high performance interconnects are used across Ethernet, Other brands compatible with Cozlink XFP Active DAC are IBM, Linksys, Markoni etc.

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